Decentralized polls

What is the point of polls if you cant trust its results? Votechain is blockchain based, decentralized application where users can create and vote on polls - with no doubt if results are valid or not.

use VOTECHAIN_DEMO token to try it out!

VoteChain Features


No single point of trust. All votes are stored on decentralized blockchain.

Seamless voting experience

Voting user will not feel difference. No wallets, no overhead.

Multi-Party Payment Protocol

Thanks to MPP, voting user doesnt pay a dime for using service.

Public and private polls

Poll creator decides wether poll will be public or private. To fit your needs!

Connex driven

Creating and sponsoring poll is driven by VeChains Connex interface. Standards matters.

Historical data

Due to blockchains nature, all polls are immutable. Results will live on chain forever.

Featured usecase

Real world example

Upcoming elections for city major position. Learning from past experiences and uncertainty about last election results - committee decides to solve problem of trust by introducing decentralized voting system. Using VoteChain committee prints token for each eligible voter. Each voter provides his token in application and answers polls questions.

As all votes results, hashed polls questions and possible answers are stored in public and decentralized database - there is no doubt if results are valid. Any attempt to use unauthorized token would be immediately spotted by any party that would audit the results stored on chain. As blockchain is immutable - there is no possibility to cover potential fraud.

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How it works (step by step)


Poll admin creates survey

After submiting number of voters, admin receives tokens and performs blockchain transaction to store poll hash on chain.


Admin distributes tokens

Every eligible user receives token that can be used for voting process once.


Voting begins

User can now provide token and vote using VoteChain app.


Voting records (MPP)

Each vote is immediately stored on blockchain. Transaction is sponsored via Multi-Party Payment Protocol.


Voting validation

As all records are public and immutable - it is easy exclude potential unauthorized tokens from final result.


Voting ends

After voting ends - all data persists on blockchain and can be further audited by any party to ensure polls credibility.


March 19

VoteChain Alpha

  • Connex support
  • Multi-Party Payment Protocol support
  • Smart contract on mainnet
  • Voting system with token validation
  • Private polls
  • Basic poll sponsoring

May 19

VoteChain 1.0

  • Expand sponsoring system (sponsor rotation)
  • Enchance public polls
  • External tokenless polls
  • Embedded polls (decentralized polls on your site)
  • Community feedback (implementing your ideas)